Phuket Receives Emergency Water Supply From Military

An order has been given out by Fourth Army Region’s commander, which is headquartered in Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Lt. Gen. PornsakPoonsawat. According to the current leader of the Army base in the entire southern region of the kingdom, the army troops are to deliver emergency water supply to communities that have been experiencing drought all over the island of Phuket. While businesses and accommodations such as family resort in Phuket have their supply, it is also starting to slow down.

On April 24, an initial delivery was carried out by the army with a total of 45,000litres of water supply. Nine different trucks were used to bring the water and each vehicle accounts for 5,000 litres. According to the Commander of the 25th Military Circle under the Royal Thai Army, Lt. Col. Santi Sakuntanark, the water came from two provinces – Surat Thani and Nakhon Sri. The order was given by Lt. Gen. Pornsak in order for the local residents based in Phuket will have their needed water.

He said that they will not stop delivering water until Phuket’s villagers have enough. The decision came after Lt. Gen. Pornsak found out that the residents are suffering because of the lack of water supply. He decided to answer the initial problem by commanding Army Region 4 to mobilize water trucks and send aid immediately.

The problem has been a discussion between the governor of Phuket and Lt. Gen. Pornsak but no solution was provided. The latter will once again request an audience with the governor in order to brainstorm once again for them to arrive at a solution that will answer the current problem.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of the island did not hesitate to offer a helping hand by providing the assistance the Army needed. The first seven trucks have been given to the communities in Rassada Municipality.They are also coordination with the local administrations in order to identify areas where the emergency water supply is most needed. Needless to say, private businesses like family resort in Phuket are dealing with this crisis on their own with hopes that it will be over sooner than later.