Quality Preschool Delivers 2-For-1 ROI For Australia

The size of every classroom is limited by Anaheim Preschool to only 20 students or less to achieve a more favorable teacher to child ratio.  The behavior of children is managed in the classroom setting and extra attention is given to those that need it. Children are taught basic skills like sharing, raising their hands and not fighting with others.

Results of the recent research conducted by data analysts PwC for early childhood research organization the Front Project revealed that quality preschool could deliver a 2-for-1 return on investment for Australia. This means that for every $1 spent by Australia on quality preschool, $2 is returned to the economy. However, investments must not only be for economic returns but to help children learn and thrive.

The report is the first comprehensive Australian analysis on the economic impact of early childhood education. The results add a uniquely Australian perspective to international evidences on the advantages of investing in preschool.

However, the ROI promised by preschool won’t just happen miraculously. This depends on a complex chain of events starting from preschool up to adulthood and involves the child and the family. It is important for a child to have access to preschool in the local area. The family must be willing and able to enroll the child and transport them to and fro preschool every day.

The quality of preschool education will make a big difference in a child’s development and learning. According to international studies, benefits can only be delivered by quality preschools because they use play-based learning programs where children are encouraged to discover and explore. Experiences during play can develop certain skills like cooperation, concentration, problem-solving and self-control.

Preschools provide children with a good head start but the preschool must have sufficient quality to be able to sustain the gains in learning. This can be easily achieved if the child has strong support from the family.

Quality early childhood education and care is delivered by Anaheim Preschool to children because they firmly believe in the right to quality early learning. The right type of preschool program is offered to prepare children for their entrance to the educational system.