Recent Technology Using Edge Enamelling System Make Faster Cut-To-Size Glass

Guardian System TEA or True Edge Application is a recent technology that was developed by Guardian Glass based in Europe. This is in partnership with Ferro, one of the biggest suppliers of glass enamel products in the world.

Aside from the fact that the technology is faster, it is also more reliable compared to other conventional methods thus the result is a surface that has a perfectly uniform shape and excellent quality when it comes to optical properties. This technology is also more time-efficient thus the usual lead time for making structural glazing products is reduced considerably.

The Guardian System TEA does the work by applying coated glass substrate into the sputter which results into a strong and uniform surface. When used in applications concerning structural glazing, it creates a reliable adhesion. Example of these applications are roof glazing which may come with a glass overlap, facades, glass louvre windows, glass fins, all-glass corners and glass windows that hung to the side in a façade that is fully glazed.

Why do we need this new technology?

In applications regarding structural glazing, the areas that needs to be glazed have to be applied with sealant and this usually needs the right edge deletion. In similar situation, during the glazing process of corners that are all-glass, ceramic paint is needed to cover these structural elements including joints.

In fact, over 90 per cent of cut-to-size coated glass used for high performance is usually required to have edge enamel. The downside with this process is that it takes a lot of time and there are more handling step required which resulted into longer lead times.

There is also the problem with quality issues which happens when the area that needs to treatment is too wide to be used in conventional devices employed in edge deletion. The result is low optical quality and the surfaces are not uniform.

Guardian System TEA works by applying the ceramic paint to the sputter coating which dissolves while being treated with heat. The Ferro enamel combines with the glass which results to a strong bond and the surface is perfectly uniform. Once it has cooled, the coating material is the rooted into the enamel.

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