Reports State That Pest Control Products And Services Market Expected To Grow Rapidly

Pest control services, like Exterminators Now Green River, UT, rely on pest control products to do their products. Their products and their services are, in turn, relied upon by farmers to ensure their crops stay safe from pests. With the ever-increasing need for agricultural products, the market is an important one.

Persistence Market Research released a report on the market, entitled Pest Control Products and Services Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017-2026, which looks at the state of pest control products and services, like Exterminators Now Green River, UT, across the world. The report looked at the variables that promote or hold back the industry’s growth, and gave a forecast for the industry at large.

According to the report’s data, current market dynamics bode well for the market, with global pest control products and services set to grow to a total value of US$28.590mn by 2026’s end, from the total value of US$17.931mn in 2017, with a CAGR of 5.3% during the period of assessment of 2017-2026.

The pest control services and products market are in a good spot and is growing thanks to favorable weather conditions in countries across the world, increasing consumer demand for pesticides and pest control thanks to the increase in pest activity. Pest control products and services has very seasonal demand, and is dependent on local weather conditions. For example, countries in the southern hemisphere, like Australia, tend to have demand for pest control services and products peaking around October.

Strict government regulations aimed at limiting chemical toxicity and, in turn, the use of particularly toxic pesticides in order to cut down their negative effects on the environment and public health. These regulations, in turn, limit the growth of the industry.

As for specific segments, most of the segments are close to each other in value, with Ant Control expected to hit a total value at US$3.353mn by 2026, while Mechanical Control and Industrial are expect to exhibit good CAGR during the report’s assessment period. The sole outlier are Rodenticides, which are expected to shoot up in total value, up to US$7.062mn by 2026, moving away from the rest.