Ride A Bus From Koh Phangan To Bangkok To Suit Your Destination

KohPhanganis situated in the Samui archipelago – a group of more than 40 islands in the Gulf of Thailand, which are parts of the Surat Thani province. You will need to ride a bus from KohPhangan to Bangkok if you’re planning to leave the island and head on to the country’s capital. However, travelling to and fro the mainland will need a ferry boat to take you there. You can also enjoy flights to and from Bangkok, Phuket and other parts of Southeast Asia found at the airports of KohSamui and Surat Thani, which leave on an hourly basis.

Development on the island is progressing slow as the local government wishes to leave the islands’ nature intact. Locals and international tourists are happy to know it as they can still see some breath-taking sceneries of the island. The main towns are located somewhere on the west and south coast. It has great infrastructure and you can hire cars or motorbikes to get you anywhere on the island. Just remember to drive on the left side as it’s really different here.

If you lost a lot of money on pleasurable trips and want to withdraw, you don’t have to worry as there is an ATM machine available in every town or village. You can expect the prices of daily necessities are a bit higher than that of the mainland. It’s also easier to find various accommodation as they are offered in various price ranges. There can be high end resorts and hotels to the budget hostels and guesthouses. Surely, there will be something in store for you in KohPhangan.

If you want to know what attracts local and international tourists in this island, one can be proud to say of the infamous Full Moon Party as well as the local yoga classes with its world-class teachers.

In yoga schools which are all over the island, you can work with meditations and fasting to balance your inner self. KohPhangan’s deserted coast and lush jungles supports the idea of yoga and brings you back with nature. Once done with your trip to KohPhangan, head back on board a bus from KohPhangan to Bangkok and you will be back to the bustling metropoli.