Shocking Case Of Cockroaches Turning Up In Baby’s Drink In Sydney

One can describe a situation as almost traumatic when they find a pest in their daily mug of coffee. But for this distressed mother, she had the most unfortunate experience of finding a cockroach in her daughter’s coffee. Here is the story of OdeliaJuniarni and the cockroach she found in the cup of her daughter. It is cases like these that will wake up Sydney Pest Control offices to reprimand the careless people and provide proof of food sanitation.

Her daily routine consisted of going to “The Coffee Club” with her young daughter and getting a coffee for herself. The Coffee Club usually had deals where the baby would be provided with a free babyccino and this was one of the reasons she loved going there with her daughter. But to the demise of this family, when the daughter was sipping up her drink through her straw, she choked and pulled a small brown thing from her mouth. Her mother first thought it was merely a stray coffee bean that had found its way into the cup during preparation. But then she noticed it had legs and she got the fright of her life. When she reported this to the waitress resent, she merely apologised and offered to make her daughter another drink. But Ms. Juniarni refused, not knowing the scale of the infestation here at The Coffee Club.

However, this is not the first case of pest-based infestation. In this month, a woman was served a steak infested by worms, and a woman in Newcastle found maggots in her chicken. All of these pests are capable of carrying diseases and pose extreme harm to members of our society. The higher authorities of The Coffee Club later apologized heavily for the incident and promised to take up the matter with Sydney Pest Control to determine the cause of the infestation, and hopefully, to eradicate all traces of the pests. This particular store then conducted a thorough search and turned up with results that showed this was merely a freak accident and that it wouldn’t be repeated. They also confirmed that their pest control was up-to-date and that this incident was merely one in a million.