Siblings From Kenya Developed Solar Tiles Before Elon Musk

Technology has paved the way to the different tiles now available in the market including bathroom tiles but the world was a little bit in awe when solar tiles came into the scene. Many would think that the product was first developed by Elon Musk when in fact a siblings from Kenya, brother and sister tandem, have beaten him to bringing solar tiles to the market.

Charity Wanjiku is Strauss Energy’s COO which is the company she built with Tony Nyagah, her brother. The team started manufacturing solar tiles in 2013. In the late 1990s, Kenya suffered through rationing blackouts which lasted for 16 hours every time. This is the reason why the concept of solar tiles was created. Elon Musk, on the other hand, only publicly announced his solar tiles two years ago.

Wanjiku shared how they first tried the concept for a school project and they were successful. This is when they started thinking of a way to supply the tiles in order to meet the demand of a home for basic electricity while at the same time earning.

She admitted that both of them are into technology. His brother is an engineer while she is an architect by profession. This is when they started thinking of a solution to the electricity concerns they have in their nation while at the same time use the expertise they have.

The sibling team then thought of a way to incorporate solar cells into the tiles used for roofing since housing is one of the basic needs of a human being. This is also one way for them to harness clean energy in a country plagued with too much poverty in terms of electricity.

A revolution is now starting in Kenya and Strauss Energy wants to be a big part of it starting with the solar tiles. While there may be other options as cheap as bathroom tiles, solar tiles have proven to be a more practical option in the long run considering that the electrical connection in the country is not the most stable in the world.