Singapore Reviving Their Orchid Industry

Singapore used to be one of the major exporters of orchid along with orchid exporters in Thailand which is why Asia is considered to be the home of this beautiful flower. It is no secret that Singapore’s orchid industry has been struggling for a decade now therefore local agencies are putting forth efforts in order to remedy the situation.

According to the National Parks Board, over 20 hectares of land has already been allotted to be used by the orchid growers in the country. The land is located in Sungei Tengah and Lim Chu Kang and the first plots is going to be transferred to the growers within this month.

The turning over of the play of lands came six months earlier than the previous scheduled announced. NParks said that the promptness came after many industry feedbacks. The area to be given is almost one half of the total land area which will be managed by 21 different orchid growers coming from Lim Chu Kang, Seletar and Sungei Tengah.

The first plots to be given have a total land area of two hectares covered by a ten-year lease which can be renewed for an additional of ten years if necessary. In the years to come, plots of land as wide as one hectare is also to be given but the tenures under these lands will only by three years with an additional three years for renewal. NParks said that the land will be able to answer the need for various types of orchid nurseries.

Farmers who wish to get lands with longer lease are required to deposit upfront payment for the premium ownership of the land. These are the same ones that are expected to invest a lot of money for the operation of the orchid farm. Farmers with shorter lease, on the other hand, will have to give a monthly fee for the rent in lieu of the upfront payment for premium.

The news of the revival of the orchid industry in Singapore gave hope to orchid exporters in Thailand who are also trying to keep the industry afloat in the country.

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