Social Media Advertising For Small Businesses

Using social media as a venue for advertising has become a popular option among many small businesses. Not only because it is affordable but it also reaches many people and can select the target audience. For instance, if your business is for retailing, you can go for ad targeting options that will filter the audience. This means only the customers of a specific demographic will be alerted of your social ads. The following are examples of social media platforms that you can use:


As you know, Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps today. From young people to the older generation, it is being used across the globe for entertainment, business, and communication. This is why it is considered as a great advertising venue especially for small businesses. In the United States alone, about 70% of American adults have Facebook accounts. 75% of these users logs in to the app every day. With this social medium, you can select among various ad units. These include video ads, page likes, and event responses. Once you create a page, make sure that the information you provide will be eye-catching for your prospective customers. This is a way to get the same level as the King Kong advertising review that is consistent with 5-star rating.


This social media app is the right choice for small businesses that promote their products to younger customers through visual brand. Instagram has one billion users and 60% of them are below 30 years old. This app has a lot of things in common with Facebook in terms of targeting parameters and ad units. It also offers image and video ads, Stories ads, and carousel ads which will be helpful in promoting your product. This can be a way to receive great reviews similar to the King Kong advertising review that you may check on.


Although using LinkedIn for advertising can be more expensive than Facebook and Instagram, this is the best venue for small businesses that follow B2B or business to business sales model. Through LinkedIn ads, it is easier to target business owners in particular industries.