Social Media Users React Negatively Over The Early Appearance Of Christmas Cards

Sometimes, you do not know what to give the family this Christmas. You have exhausted all options available. If you want something unique, why not try Christmas Pajamas or ugly Christmas sweaters, for a change? They are cheerful, warm, comfortable and funny and represent the holiday season.

It is only the first week of September and Christmas cards have already made an appearance in stores. The market for UK greeting cards is worth billion considering that Christmas is their major theme. However, who buys Christmas cards at the height of summer?

There are people who feel different about the festive season. When Christmas cards appear in stores in the middle of summer, they consider it an irritation instead of a celebration. When shops start to decorate their displays with boughs of holly, hundreds of social media comments are prompted, most of them negative.

The first sign of jingle bells juggernaut is criticized by social media users. According to Helen Cotterell, it was ridiculous while Angela Heald was flabbergasted. Tish Broughton wanted a boycott of the shops. Ian Kirkham considered the mainly negative reactions as summer is still here and Christmas cards are already out. He thinks that the greeting cards should go on sale by the 5th of November, not earlier.

On the other hand, Stacey Burch says that buying cards in August can ease financial worries. It makes her excited to see Christmas cards being sold. She is happy because she can start preparing for the financially stressing time of the year.

Stacey starts her Christmas shopping early to take advantage of bargains. Because she is a single mother to 2 children, early shopping saves her from financial struggle. Stacey believes that people must start Christmas early through decorations, music and selling items. The good feeling must last for months instead of just one day before normalcy returns.

People must not be upset when they see greeting cards and Christmas Pajamas being offered at stores. Retailers simply want to provide consumers with an opportunity to start Christmas shopping early. Early marketing benefits consumers because it reminds them that the holiday season is near and there is lots of time to prepare.