Spare The Spiders From Pest Control In Sydney

Summer in Australia may be spending long days sitting by the beach or finding spiders at the porch. The first instinct that homeowners can do is to call the pest control in Sydney to eradicate the insect. However, they really get frustrated that the eight-legged fiends have come back after spraying insecticide in a matter of weeks.

The Sydney Best Pest Control owner, Sam Yehia, says such frustration is probably due to lack of knowledge given to customers.

“It is important to have customer service. There are technicians who fail to inform the customer on what they are supposed to do and anticipate something they can be surprising. We are speaking about pest control, and not its eradication,” Mr. Yehia said.

“If you can’t spray a spider, then it can’t get killed. When it comes to ground spiders like mouse spiders, wolf spiders, or funnel webs, you don’t completely get rid of them by just spraying as they roam frequently to hunt. Go ask a pest control in Sydney on how to go about it.”

According to Lizzie Lowe, a post-doctoral researcher from Macquarie University, spraying gardens with powerful insecticide will destroy the ecosystem, allowing the most difficult pests to move in unrestricted resources.

“People may wish to eradicate pests in the backyard, but you shouldn’t want every insect in your garden dead. You want to have the helpful insects to destroy the bad insects, so you don’t need to fret with these massive outbreaks of creatures,” Dr. Lowe said.

Cockroaches and spiders are the most common creatures to return after fumigation, Dr. Lowe said.

Both Dr. Lowe and Mr. Yehia agree that spiders are the most helpful pests that can eradicate fellow pests.

“Spiders eat flying insects that can destroy your garden, or young forms of bugs like caterpillars eating your plants,” Dr. Lowe said.

“I think many people think that spiders are out to destroy them. In Australia, there are about 8,000 species with only two that can kill humans, however, none was killed in a span of 40 years.”

Mr. Yehia suggests that you can deal with spiders without harming their natural habitat by cleaning the gutters, and shifting the outdoor lights to fluorescent lamps to prevent attracting spider-food such as mosquitoes and moths.

You can tell the pest control in Sydney to work on eradicating more harmful pests than killing innocent looking spiders.