Strengthening Pakistan’s Industry Of Handmade Carpets

The government of Pakistan is bent on enhancing the export of handmade carpets and rugs because the sector is mainly responsible for the growth of the economy. At the Pakistan Hand-knotted Carpet Exhibition 2016, Punjab Minister of industries Ch Muhammad Shafique said that a carpet exhibition will keep the economy on track because it will introduce Pakistani carpets to the international market.

There is an untapped potential for Pakistani carpets to become well known all over the world that is why the government is making extra efforts to arrange trade fairs and exhibitions. The government has also undertaken business-friendly initiatives in order to attract foreign investment. Feasible opportunities are also offered to local industries to boost the declining tourism sector.

The minister also acknowledged the important role of hand-knotted carpet industry in the creation of jobs to strengthen the economy. The government promises to support the industry where hundreds of thousands of people are dependent upon. When people have work, their life is significantly improved.

If the government will continue to support exhibitions and trade fairs, trade and investments can be accelerated and the tourism sector can be improved. China, Dubai and Germany are excellent organizers of exhibitions that are attended by businessmen from all over the world.

It was observed that Pakistan’s carpet exports to Europe and China have declined by more than 50%. However, Pakistan hopes to compensate with the loss by increasing the volume of carpet exports to China where the demand for luxurious handmade carpets is quite high.  The industry is calling for more government initiative towards the carpet industry so that manufacturers can open warehouses and retail outlets in China and other parts of the world. The government must also create awareness about carpets being pieces of art that are created by skilled local artisans.

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