Studies Prove Positive Effects Of Marijuana With Sex

Many people who have used marijuana before including private escorts in Sydney have been claiming that their sexual relations have positively improved because of the drug. Latest scientific studies have backed up these claims. As of the moment, the United States government does not approve of any research to be done with regards to the cannabis plant because it is categorized as a Schedule I substance.

This is quite contradicting when 30 states in the country as well as D.C. have already made it legal to use marijuana for medical purposes. Recreational marijuana, on the other hand, has already been legalized in nine states as long as the user is an adult. After these legalizations, a number of researches have also been approved in order to know more about the effects of marijuana on a person such as how it changes the experience in sexual intercourse.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a research wherein 28,176 women participated while 22,943 men from different parts of the country. They were asked to answer a survey through the questionnaire provided. The lead researches of the study were Dr. Michael L. Elsenberg and Dr. Andrew J. Sun. According to the study, the use of marijuana does have an effect on the sexual frequency but it does not have any negative impact regarding sexual function. Daily users were found to have 20 per cent more sex rather than people who have never tried cannabis before.

Another study was conducted by the same body and they talked with 133 women who are adult and are sexually active. Based on 38 women who are there said that they use cannabis before any sexual relations while 68 per cent of that percentage said that their sexual engagements became better because of marijuana. There are 16 per cent who said that it was a disaster after using cannabis while the rest, 16 per cent, said that they cannot decided or are not aware of the effects.

Medical experts have already weighed in that the public including private escorts in Sydney should only take a small amount of cannabis every time for heightened pleasure.