Suburb In North Leeds To Receive Boost

Plans in making the suburb Headingley, a town north of Leeds, a Business Improvement District is being discussed by the company bosses as well as the community leaders of the town.

Headingley Development Trust together with the local councilors are in the process of consulting the existing businesses in town to get their opinion on whether the suburb should be a Business Improvement District just like the city center of Leeds. According to last month’s votes, most of them are in favor of the proposed plan.

If the plan went ahead, depending on their size businesses would be required to pay the council a certain levy which will be saved and used on improvements for the suburb such as shops’ rent and issues on parking.

Once the plan has proven to be successful, it is expected that Headingley will be receiving funds amounting to £200,000 within the next half decade.

One of the members of Headingley Development Trust, Martyn Thomas, shared that once the application for being Business Improvement District is approved, Headingley will receive a cash boost that could be used in order to improve the business activities in the suburb. According to Thomas, though the plan is an operation between the city council and the business but it is the businesses that will be leading.

Voting will be held and if the majority of the businesses agree with the plan then an application will be sent to the City Council of Leeds. According to Martyn’s estimation, there are around 264 businesses in Headingley that are eligible to be included in the partnership and cash boost will be around £200,000 in this case.

He was also positive with the result since there are already local businesses that voice out their eagerness in joining the plan. The owner of a café on North Lane, Marcus Dakka, called Mint 33 shared his views on Headingley being a good venue for small business. Business owners especially young professionals have a positive mentality which could affect the businesses in a good way and help it thrive.

Business Improvement District in Leeds includes more than 1,000 businesses and cash pot is estimated at around £10 million, an investment that could help improve the city.