Sustainable Solutions To Survive Mass Tourism

Pictures of idyllic and pristine beaches in Thailand encourage many travellers across the world to visit the Kingdom. Tourism is a major contributor to the local hospitality industry as well as the nation’s economy. There is no dearth for accommodations because the country has 4 star hotel in Pattaya as well as villas and big chain hotels in other islands.

Last September 24, 600 delegates from Southeast Asia gathered at JW Marriott Phuket resort to discuss sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for travel and tourism. If the hospitality and travel industry expects to survive mass tourism, sustainability is the key.

Inhabitants at the island of Phuket are still struggling to accept their home’s popularity. In the late 80’s, Phuket was a sleepy, quiet and serene island. Surin Beach and Bangtao Beach were deserted and the waters were pristine and clear. There were lots of beautiful fishes in the water with turtles laying their eggs on the beaches.

Today, the usage of plastic has become a contentious issue for environmental groups all over the world. The effects of plastic can be felt strongly in tourist destinations where the selling point is white sands and clear oceans.

In order to recover from the extensive environmental damages that are being blamed on tourism, Maya Bay on Thailand’s Ko Phi Phi Len island will be closed indefinitely. The island was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach. In the Philippines, the island of Boracay, a popular tourist destination was closed by President Duterte for 6 months for rehabilitation and recovery.

In Indonesia that was named as the second largest source of marine plastic, the government is cooperating with Muslim clerics to tackle the problem of single-use plastic bags. The key to changing consumer behaviour is education so that sustainability steps will become more of a personal goal.

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