T-shirt Printing Business For The Millennials

Millennials are now diving into having their own business such as t-shirt printing rather than hunting for a job vacancy. Examples are business partners Tanisha Robinson and Michael Limes who are the founder of Print Syndicate which is based in Columbus.

The two are always on the lookout for the next catchphrase or image that would create a buzz and then print these on shirts. This passion sprung from their desire to have something to wear that reflects their personality and their interests. With this venture, many local entrepreneurs have been lured into starting their own printing business as well.

According to Doug McIntyre, Cult Marketing’s CEO, millennials are keen on being entrepreneurs and making their own names in the business. Research showed that more than half or 54% are interested in starting their own business.

According to McIntyre, there are several factors that influenced the new generation to pursue going into business. The first is the unemployment problem which makes it hard for them to land a job and made them decide to do something of their own accord. Second contributing factor is the millennials desire to do something they love and to work for it rather than work just to live.

But the greatest factor that affects this decision is the new technology available at their fingertips. Something their parents were not able to experience before. Nowadays they can easily sell their t-shirt online after printing and it wouldn’t cost that much to procure their own website unlike before where a hardware business needs a substantial amount of capital to start with.

Businesses that were established five years ago have to struggle while e-commerce sites are rampant these days. Websites are the best medium because of the internet. Consumers know their way around a website better than their local store and products are posted faster than they are put on actual shelves.

These new ways are faster which gives it an edge over the traditional way of selling. This doesn’t mean success for everyone though. At this new age, there are still a lot of startups that fail.

Technology made it easier for the printing process and many options are available to the business owners.