Taylor Communications’ Relocation Met By A Massive Celebration

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Taylor Communications is moving to a new home in the city’s central business district. The decision to relocate was reason for celebration. More than 100 people gathered in downtown Dayton to welcome Taylor Communications. According to Dayton Mayor, Nan Whaley, this was the biggest relocation for the last 50 years.

Taylor Communications is a print and digital communications company that was previously known as Standard Register. Unveiling of the new location at 111 W. First Street was welcomed by a massive group of employees, officials of economic development, county commissioners, state representatives and the city mayor, herself.

A total of 600 employees will be relocating to the company’s new office at First Street. According to company officials, about 150 employees have already moved with the rest expected to arrive by the end of January. The number of workers employed by Taylor Communications is expected to grow because there are 18 vacant positions listed in the company’s website.

The communications company is currently occupying two floors of the building but when the 600 employees arrive, they will occupy 8 floors. The relocation of hundreds of employees to the new office will set the stage for the company’s future growth.

According to company president Mark O’Leary, they need fresh talent for continuing growth. Their presence downtown will boost the recruitment efforts and retention of good talents. The company offers great opportunities and security for the vital team of a business that is growing. Great people play a big part in the growth of the company.

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