Technology To Shift Thailand’s Education Sector

The government of Thailand has been trying to come up with ideas on how they can improve the education system in the country in order to set a higher standard as well as to increase its accessibility. The emphasis is given to those children living in the nation’s rural areas. One of the measures they are hoping to implement is the EdTech or educational technology in order to achieve their goals. Unlike the international British schools in Bangkok where technology is already ingrained, these rural students are barely aware of the new technology they can tap for learning.

According to industry experts, it is better to disrupt the education system by introducing innovation in their daily operation through utilization of technologies developed by startups in the EdTech sector. This is, in their opinion, a better course of action rather than transforming the entire system.

EdTech is considered to be quite new but it is already tagged as a disruptive innovation. What does that mean? These are technologies that are taking the place of ones that are already known and established and they are making waves in the industry.

It has been recently announced by the government of Thailand that they are planning to transform the country into a Smart Nation by the year 2020 and this is the reason why they also invested more in the startupEdTech in Thailand in order to make some huge changes and to modernize the education system. Introducing Ed Tech into the education sector will also improve its efficiency and it will boost student engagements in Thailand.

The main aim of the government in launching EdTech is to make sure that the overall quality of education in Thailand is improved. This is a need for schools nowadays because majority of the well-known educational institutions and universities are found at the heart of the capital. EdTech will be able to decentralize the system and give equal opportunities to students who are residing in remote areas the same ones that students in the city get. This way, local schools can compete against international British schools in Bangkok in terms of quality and effectiveness.