Ten Podiatrist Approved Solutions For Your Foot Problems

Foot problems can occur at any time and seriously hinder the activity of the patient. All of us suffer from certain foot conditions like pain in the heel, warts and bunions, cracked heels etc. though the intensity may vary from one person to other. Patients suffering from diabetes and other medical conditions have to take additional care of their feet and keep them healthy.

Regular visits to podiatrist in Bankstown will help you to take care of your feet and keep them healthy and pain free. Professional podiatrists can also suggest proper shoes and footwear to achieve the right posture and reduce pain in the feet due to prolonged standing or walking.

Here are the solutions offered by experienced podiatrist in Bankstown for some of the most common foot problems.

  1. Most of the footwear lacks proper supports for the arch, ankle and heel. Podiatrists recommend using footwear like flip-flops and certain sandals for limited time. Use orthotics like arch supports and insoles to provide comfort for your feet and relieve stress.
  2. Do not pop blisters on the feet. Popping them might lead to unnecessary infections. Consult a podiatrist in Bankstown immediately if you notice any large, blood filled and painful blister.
  3. Buy special blister bandages to safeguard your feet while wearing new shoes. These bandages help to reduce the friction between the foot and the shoe.
  4. Use deodorant or antiperspirant regularly, if you suffer from smelly and sweaty feet.
  5. Soothe itching feet by giving them a white vinegar foot bath. It helps to relieve the irritation.
  6. It is important to apply sunscreen on your feet to protect yourself from cancer. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. Apply the sunscreen generously on your feet, toes and on all the open areas of the feet.
  7. Sprinkle your shoes with baby powder, foot powder or corn starch to keep them fresh and prevent the growth of fungus.
  8. Avoid wearing shoes two days in a row. Air out the shoes after every use to prevent bacteria growth and to keep them fresh.
  9. Use running shoes or sports sandals for children. Running bare foot causes foot pain due to lack of support to the heel and arch.
  10. Consult a podiatrist in Bankstown regularly to take care of your feet and treat any problems at the early stages. The earlier the problems are diagnosed, the faster the recovery.