Thailand’s Young And Bustling Creative District: Home To Art And Multiculturalism

On the banks Chao Phraya River arises a hub for young travelers to visit and experience Thailand, revitalizing one of the country’s oldest districts.

When people think of Thailand, the beaches of Pattaya and luxury beachfront villas in Hua His usually come to mind. But for those seeking for a more adventurous vacation to enrich their minds and palate, Bangrak has something more to offer.

Bangkok’s Creative District

The neighborhood is now populated with chefs, musicians, designers, and artists, making it a hub for creativity in the district. These entrepreneurs were initially convinced to renovate shop-houses because of the low rent and postindustrial atmosphere. What was once an old district is slowly starting to become a vibrant and energetic place to experience eclectic forms of art because of the young generation’s efforts.

A Historic Community and Roots in the River Trading

Nestled in Bangrak, the Creative District is close to TalatNoi and Yaowarat, Bangkok’s famous Chinatown. All these places have roots in the river trading, as traders and merchants from all over the world including Europe, the Far East, and the Americas congregate and exchange goods and culture. This place where a lot of different cultures diverge has developed into a multicultural landscape, evidenced by their Hindu and Buddhist temples, Chinese shrines, churches, and mosques.

Taking Chances

Jewelry artist AttyTantivit explained how she used to come to the place for weddings and suba gear. Although she holds a master’s degree in marine policy, she decided to leave it behind and open a contemporary jewelry store near Mandarin Oriental. About 15 years ago, Sukhumvit was the fashion centre, but she decided against establishing her store in the area. Now, she says that that decision proved to be right, as the Creative District has become the best place for her craft.


Around 2012, a popular art space called Speedy Grandma was opened in the district. Some people say that this was the start of the district’s journey to become what it is today. After that, it was followed by Soul Bar and Teens of Thailand. Numerous other shops started opening up, all contributing to the artistic nature of the district.

Whether you are visiting the country for its luxury beachfront villas in Hua Hin or popular beaches and establishments in Pattaya and Bangkok, a trip to the Creative District may be a worthwhile experience to see how art and young entrepreneurship revitalized one of the country’s oldest districts.