The Effects Of Website Speed: How Slow Website Speed Affects Your Bottom line

In this era of advanced technology, website speed is an important facet of our lives. Speed rules in almost all ways imaginable. More things get done when things move faster, especially in the buy and sell business.

Many customers nowadays access, browse, and buy services and products online. And everyone wants to experience their online activity to be smooth and convenient with a website that works fast. Numerous researches and studies show that a slow website implies a small revenue and low conversion rate.

Here are some effects of website speed on your business bottom line:

  1. Website speed affects the bounce rates

It’s always good to track the bounce rates to know if the site works for your customers or not. If more people leave your site, it means it has a high bounce rate and if many continue to use your site, it means you have a low bounce rate. But bounce rates do not define your site alone. Online users likely leave a site that is slow, thus, a fast-loading website is extremely important.

  • It is a ranking factor by Google

Site speed is a ranking factor by Google starting in 2010. Although speed is not as strong as the relevancy factor of a site, it still plays a great role because it can give you an extra push for putting you ahead from your competitors on the search page results.

  • It influences the conversion rate

Online users always leave a slow-loading site making your profits and conversions low. Faster websites have higher rankings on Google that would lead more traffic to your way. Surveys show that a delay of even a second in the speed of your page could mean 7% lower conversions and a decrease of 16% in client satisfaction.

  • It indicates the quality of the web host

There are many reasons why a website is slow. If you have done all possible ways to resolve the speed of your site such as combining style sheets, removing unneeded plugins, compressing images, and other means but to no avail, then it is possible that your host might be the culprit.

A fast website page is indeed important in achieving a good bottom line for your business. The effects of website speed may have a dramatic influence on the success of a business.