The Future of Packaging According To Martin Leeming

The corrugate packaging industry has already spent £500 million in investment in order to have the latest technology in just a span of three years. Most of these technologies aim to improve the digital printing that is now used in packaging. This is because of the increase in demand when it comes to retail packaging that are ready to use as well as merchandising units that are point of sale.

Due to the changes that are now observed in the shopping habits of the consumers, there will be changes as well when it comes to designs of the corrugate packaging.

Lifestyles of today’s consumers are busier compared to before and when it comes to shopping, they do it as often but buy as little as before. Because of these changes, it has been estimated that there will be growth in convenience store by as much as 2 per cent in the year 2020 which will result into £20.2 billion in investment.

In the case of packaging designers as well as the entire supply chain, these changes merit a new approach from a fresh angle. Convenience stores when compared to supermarkets are considerably smaller. There are lesser shelves on display and the storage space allocated at the back is also smaller. Though there are greater proportions when it comes to food that are fresh as well as chilled, the pack sizes needs to be reduces to make sure that the space available is maximized.

The problem is that when the packaging designs are made into smaller version, there is an increase in packaging costs. This is where the corrugate comes into the scenario.

The newest development would be to combine the corrugate’s high strength as well as the rPET’s excellent qualities when it comes to shelf presentation. With this, a new packaging will be created which is stronger and is perfect for delivery purposes. Products will also be easier to handle and open inside the shop.

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