The Future Still Bright For Solar In Spite Of Job Declines

With occasional cleaning and maintenance check-ups through the solar installers on the Gold Coast, solar power systems could last for about 25 years. Solar power nowadays is in great demand because it is a popular feature that increases the value of a home. This is not surprising because everyone wants to enjoy free electricity from the sun.

In the United States, the solar power sector lost about 8,000 jobs. This was the second consecutive year that the decline happened because of the uncertainly of Trump administration’s energy and administrative policies. Furthermore, a 30% tariff was imposed on imported solar panels.

On the other hand, Solar Foundation said that the future remains bright for solar power in spite of the 2-year dip. Solar which represents at least 2.4% of the US electricity generation employs twice the number of workers in the coal industry and 5 times as many workers as the nuclear industry.

These are some states like California that has been hit hard by a slowdown even with the well established solar industries. In terms of overall solar penetration, California is in first place with 40% of US solar capacity. Florida ranks second in the total number of solar jobs after it has overtaken Massachusetts.

In spite of the lack of support received by the solar industry from the Trump administration, the long term prospects for the industry remain extremely bright. Large scale utilities are unwilling to invest on solar because of Trump’s tariffs on imported solar panels and policy uncertainties.

Before the tariffs set in January 2018, the solar industry was already experiencing uncertainty because large energy utilities delayed their projects. The first three quarters of the year saw fewer installations. However, the 30% tariff is very unlikely to affect investments in the future because China has already cut prices by allowing the incentives to lapse and causing demand to fall.

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