The Growing Awareness For Clean, Safe And Natural Beauty Products

Manufacturers of skincare products have responded to the legitimate concerns about certain chemicals like BPA and phthalates. Consumers have started to be afraid of chemicals and they are now looking for products that are natural and safer. The backlash against the traditional beauty companies is inevitable because cosmetic regulation laws in the US have not been meaningfully updated since 1938.

It is surprising but the Food and Drug Administration has very minimal oversight on the beauty industry. The fact is beauty companies usually self-regulate. However, traditional big beauty conglomerates are running scared because of the rise of clean beauty alternatives.

Natural beauty products used to be sold in farmer’s markets and health food stores with labels that included pictures of leaves. They were not seriously taken by the beauty industry as a threat. However, new brands are now positioning themselves as cleaner and safer alternatives to the mainstream brands.

According to Daniela Ciocan, marketing director of Cosmoprof North America, in large expos that they host brands display their products with the hope of launching a retail placement. Because of consumer and retail demand, the amount of space that the organization dedicates to new clean brands have doubled. Natural brands make up a quarter of all high end skin care sales.

According to Sephora, 54% of skincare shoppers find it important that the product has a point of view on clean with “free of” ingredient perspective. The clean beauty market is composed of brands that have voluntarily removed banned chemicals from their products.

Consumers of beauty products have nothing to worry about organic skincare products offered through because the ingredients are plant-based, vegan and natural. The ingredients are free of animal and insect by-products or animal-derived beeswax, honey or lanolin. Only organic ingredients are used when possible.