The Hidden Lies In The Wedding Industry

The wedding industry is composed of professionals selling their products and services to the couple. However, professionals such as florists, makeup artists and photographers are starting to notice a disturbing practice among the brides and groom-to-be. According to these professionals, the couples are telling lies in order to pay lower. They understand the high costs of weddings because of elements such as when couple hire marquee in Sydney or when they book a wedding venue for the reception.

One professional that became a victim to this new trend is Lisa Haynes. She was supposed to cover a prayer ceremony therefore she charged the family just a few hundred dollars but during the event she was surprised that there is a bride in the ceremony. It was already too late when she realized that she had to cover the entire wedding ceremony which she charges a thousand dollar.

Haynes is not the only victim because another professional photographer, Brittany Oliver, was also fooled. The bride hired her for their vow renewal but she later found out from the groom that they also made the same excuse when they booked the hotel so they don’t have to pay for the wedding rate.

Ariel Meadow Stalling, an author from Seattle, said that the main reason why couples tell these white lies is because they are pressured from the costs of the wedding and the tax they have to deal with. Aside from the expectations of their family members, they are also expected to conduct a wedding based on their culture. It is not a secret that many vendors in the industry take advantage of these pressures by charging the couples more.

The professional photographers defended their side saying that a wedding is a different matter because they have to carry additional equipment and editing is done for many hours to achieve perfection before the job is truly completed.

This is a reminder to couples planning to get married to plan wisely. If they have to hire marquee in Sydney then they should set aside extra money for professionals in order to not compromise their wedding day.