The Palms Renovations To Include Poolside Dining

Investments worth mega millions is needed for the improvement of the Palms. A high priced upgrade is also in the works for Bistro Buffet. Next on the agenda is Social Table that will feature poolside dining, grilled dishes, craft beer and various bar favourites to replace the former home of Hooters. Meanwhile, 24 Seven Club will be replaced by Lucky Penny for an updated version of a 24/7 coffee shop.

During the 6-month renovation, the buffet has continued to serve the guests all night long but it will soon be closed to make way for a complete renovation of the 9,685 square foot space located along the edge of the casino floor.  For the renovation of the buffet, the Palms has allocated a budget of $5.8 million so that the dining area will have completely new furniture, walls, ceiling finishes and electrical and lighting fixtures. Kitchen equipment will remain intact even with the high investment on the project.

The former buffet that is planned to become a “food hall” when it debuts on December has no new name yet. The exact closing date for the buffet has not been announced but it expected that temporary closure will be soon.

The Hooters has been closed since last month leaving a 15,200 square foot of empty space that has yet to receive an official replacement. A project that has been confirmed will be the poolside dining area and the exteriors of Rain nightclub. According to paperwork that has recently been filed, the resort is currently seeking permission for the reinvigoration of the area and the creation of a visual element that will catch the attention of whomever passes by Flamingo Road.

Timetables for the upgrades have not been revealed or whether renovations will be completed in time for summer. What has been confirmed so far is the attraction that is being invested in for the future.

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