The Pros And Cons Of Double Basin Bathroom Units

When designing bathroom spaces you need to consider first your budget, then your style preference and also the number of people that will be using the bathroom. The bathroom fixtures that you will be purchasing should accommodate all of the people in the house. You can consider buying double basin bathroom units if you have a large family. This way, two people can simultaneously use the basins and you can save time.

The classic argument for couples when it comes to the design of the bathroom is whether to place one or two sinks. For every option, there are advantages and disadvantages. So what should you do with your bathroom?

Benefits of two sinks

This will give you a personal space. One sink is solely for your use while your spouse can use the other sink. While brushing your teeth, you will never again experience toothpaste spit on your hands. Having your own sink will also mean that you can keep your cosmetics, moisturizers and shaving kits on your sink without having to worry for other people to knock it over.

Having a designated sink will allow you to have a “me space” in your bathroom and will eliminate any quarrels when people are in a hurry to wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Disadvantages of two sinks

Having two sinks is costly than a single one. The cost of the sink as well as the plumbing work will be quite heavy if you choose to have two sinks. You can add additional final touches to these vanities and having two sets would mean doubling that cost.

Two sinks occupy more space. So if you have a small bathroom, this is not recommended. Most basins have a width of around 17 to 19 inches. If you do not have an available solid space in your bathroom that is at least 6 feet, then you should not consider buying two sinks.

Even if your bathroom is spacious, two sinks will consume a wide counter space that could have been used instead for other tasks and storage. Having two sinks will double the space that the under cabinet will occupy.

Knowing the pros and cons of having two sinks, it is up for you to decide which will suit your lifestyle and budget.