Tips To Select A Cremation Urn For A Deceased Family Member

Organizing a funeral service can be overwhelming to the family of a deceased person. Choosing an urn is one of the important task is one of the difficult tasks while preparing for the funeral of a loved one.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect cremation urn that portrays the life and beliefs of the deceased loved one.

  • The first step in choosing an urn is to determine the material of the urn. Cremation urns are available in different materials ranging from ceramic and stone urns to glass and crystal urns. Choose the material depending on what you intend to do with the ashes. If you want to display the ashes at home, choose beautifully carved wooden cremation urns or crystal urns. If you want to display it outdoors, choose a metal urn and if you want to scatter the ashes in water, choose a biodegradable urn that dissolves in water.
  • Once you select the materials, decide a theme that reflects the personalities, likes and beliefs of the deceased person. Choose a design that portrays the beliefs or interests of the deceased. The cremation urns can be personalized using specific designs initials of the deceased, photos of the deceased or the family members, favorite quotes or poetry of the deceased person etc.
  • The next step is to choose the size of the urn. The size should be determined based on the body weight of the deceased person. A general rule is, one pound of body weight requires one cubic inch of space in the urn. However, it is advisable to buy a slightly bigger urn than the body weight. Also, consider the place you place the urn, before determining the size.
  • Once you ascertain the shape, theme and size of the urn, the next step is to determine a budget for the urn. Choose an urn that falls in the budget. Cremation urns are available across different budgets. Determine whether the deceased person has left behind some funds for funeral and has already selected the type and design of urn.
  • You can purchase cremation urns from an online company or from funeral homes. Research the credentials of the company and know about the returns policy of the company before purchasing the urn.