Today’s Millennial Workforce Values Work Culture Over Pay Check

Small digital agencies have to compete with giant tech firms that could pay more for tech talent. While it is true that most applicants consider salary and benefits as the major factors that will affect their decision, there are also qualified talents who prefer work-life balance and career. They collect information from King Kong agency reviews to help them make confident decisions.

Due to the widespread adoption of Internet of Things, at least 4.5 million new tech jobs are expected to be created. This means that the shortage of talent will continue until the foreseeable future. It will be a lot harder for recruiters to find the perfect applicant.

At present, the median salary being offered by Google is $113,000. Apple and Facebook are offering higher standard salaries that are difficult for other companies to compete against. However, small companies must not despair because there are tech talents that look beyond salaries and benefits.

According to studies, today’s employees value work culture more than the pay check. Most millennial workers prefer to work in an environment where they feel valued. Work culture has become the buzzword among today’s workforce but companies wrongly assume that they can simply add a ping pong table in the break room.

When employees say that they want to work for a purpose, they mean being able to contribute to a larger mission. It can be the company’s mission or its social values. According to the results of Korn Ferry research, at least 63% of the millennial workforce believes that a company’s aim must be to improve society while 94% want their skills to benefit a good cause. 

Recruiters must look beyond the CV because there are self-taught tech professionals. More than 80% of programmers treat coding as a hobby while most software developers have learned the skill informally. Besides that, most job applicants do not tell the truth in their resumes.

In order to expand hiring, there are companies that post open positions in popular online job sites. There are reviews like King Kong agency reviews that aim to encourage tech talent to join their team. Reviews contain information about work culture, work-life balance and career growth.