Top Tips For Tyre Safety

Tyres are an important car accessory and maintaining proper tyre pressure and checking for alignment is very important to keep your vehicle safe and improve its fuel efficiency and performance. Tyres provide the required traction and handling and improper tyres might lead to defective braking, risky tyre bursts and reduced fuel efficiency.

It is essential to check the tyres regularly once every month and adjust the tyre pressure according to the recommended pressure in the car owner’s manual. Routine check-up of the tyre pressure, tread, alignment and balance helps car owners to reduce the stress and improve the handling and reduces wear and tear. Whenever, you need to replace the tyres procure them from trusted and reliable auto parts dealers, with good reputation. This helps you to avoid being conned by fake dealers selling sub standards tyres.

It is recommended by most of the manufacturers to check the pressure of all the vehicle tyres including the spare tyre once every month or before a long trip. You have to check the tyre pressure more often during the colder months. Along with tyre pressure, owners should check for the tread and examine it for uneven wear and cuts and bruises. Tyresshould be rotated regularly at the prescribed intervals for uniform wear and prolonged lifetime. Repair or replace the tyres whenever needed for the safety of the car. Remember to replace all the tyres in single time for uniform wear and tear. Invest in good quality tyres from a reputed auto parts dealer who stocks genuine, company manufactured spares for cars.

Along with checking the tyre pressure and tread, it is essential to check the alignment. Proper alignment of tyres helps in maintaining proper balance on the road. If your vehicle pulls or shakes to one side and you find it hard to maintain the balance, it is time to realign the tyres. It is recommended to check the wheel alignment at least once every year and the balance is disturbed due to regular wear and tear. Unbalance wheels might result in damage to the shock absorbers and can cause serious accidents, hence pay close attention to wheel alignment.

Maintaining the tyres in good condition is essential to improve the fuel efficiency of the car and for the safety of the driver and other motorists. Vehicle owners should check for the tyre pressure, wheel alignment and tread regularly and carryout regular rotation of the tyres. Repair or replace the tyres whenever necessary. Always invest in good quality tyres from genuine auto parts dealers for tyres with longer life.