Trendy Gift Boxes From India

If you are one of those who love local products then you can check out the gift boxes from Paper Mart but if you want something more from another culture, specifically India, you may see this list. This list is just an overview of the latest and trendiest gift boxes in India nowadays. There are many other choices and these are just the top favorites.

What is good about the gift boxes that are being supplied from India are the materials used. These materials are often those that play an important role in the culture of the nation. Material sources are mostly domestic so manufacturers don’t have to pay very high prices. Some of the materials are bones, sopastones, paper that are handmade as well as food-grade, horn, lac with either glitter or mirror, marble and paper mache. All of these are local products found and produced in India.

To make one product unique from another, the suppliers are stamping each product with handmade embellishment to make them stand out. These embellishments are inspired by regional designs and ethnic artwork. Here are some of India’s trendiest gift boxes.

– The first model is supplied by Divy Papers and called DPNBX-027. The base is paper board that was made manually by hand while a display window is added. The plaid pattern on the product is stamped using screen printing along with the rough type of finishing and satin ribbon trim. There are two compartments in the gift boxed and can be bought with a minimum 200 pieces for $2.10 each.

– The AHD-01832 model is from Asian Handicrafts and made using bone pieces by hand. The lid which is detachable has cutwork designs and the finishing is natural. This can be bought for $5.75 with a minimum of 100 pieces.

– If you love sequins then the 5265 model supplied by Midas Touch is the perfect one for you. It is made of old sari patches that come with zari. The embellishment added is sequins and placed in the lid which is non-detachable from the entire box. If you order $100 pieces then you can have them for $8 each.