Trouble Is Brewing In The Carpet Industry

When it comes to the most popular makers of fans and weavers of carpets, there is no question about the skills of the people in Amritsar. Even the staff at Breathe Easy Carpet Care knows about their expertise in carpet making. This is true many years ago but it might not be the same in the coming years. The industry of carpet making in Amritsar is almost coming to an end because of the decreasing number of skilled workers, rise in input cost and the shift of production facilities to other parts of the country.

During the start of the 80th century, the number of fan manufacturers reached more than 2,500 but industry experts said that it has come down to lower than 70 units. Amritsar is known to be a major hub when it comes to fan making. They are producing different types such as pedestal, ceiling, exhaust and table fans. The market in the area is now struggling.

According to one of Amritsar’s fan manufacturers, Baladev Singh, it has been a slow decrease in production but other production areas are now leading Amritsar including Varanasi, Ghaziabad and Delhi. These facilities are more advantaged in a way because they are near the areas where raw materials are sourced. The units in Amritsar eventually lost because of the stiff competition.

Manufacturers also expressed their disappointments because of the elimination of the policy that ensures freight cost is equal to all parts of India. Without such policy, manufacturers in the city are paying more for the raw materials while those in other areas are paying less.

Skilled employees are also moving to the northern part of the country because they want to ensure their future. Manufacturers said that they were able to find the same community of clustered industrial production facilities that are thriving.

The same thing is happening with the carpet industry of the country because of the decrease in the number of skilled weavers. The city used to be popular in making Bukhara style carpets which are handmade. According to companies in the industry like Breathe Easy Carpet Care, carpets weaved in Amritsar used to be sent to other countries in Europe as wellas Russia.