Trueform And Pikasso Join Forces For Digital Advertisement Displays

Trueform Digital is a digital screen installation company and designer, its services including manufacturing and installing digital out-of-home displays both inside and outside establishments. The company has signed a chief contract with Pikasso, a leading firm in the industry of out-of-home displays, wherein together, the two firms will be working on building, supplying, and supporting a wide array of chic and modern multipurpose displays within shopping centres and malls in Asia and Africa.

Pikasso has placed first in the out-of-home display advertising industry within West Africa (Mali, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Senegal, and Tunisia), Levant (Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan), and North Africa, having over 13,000 advertising projects in their portfolio within 367 cities that are in eight varying countries.

With this, Trueform Digital while based in London has 150,000 solutions in premium retail, transportation locations, and leisure all over the world. The digital screen installation company is known for its innovation and unique design, the quality of its product, and the support services after sales. Pikasso has chosen Trueform in order to create a complete end-to-end digital display solution for most of its principal and prominent business locations. The two will work together on the design, engineering, manufacture, and assembly of the distinctive displays that will provide new potentials and better opportunities when exploring advertising and security for maximum customer engagement.

The first part of the contract project has led Trueform to install more than 25, 75 inch 6-sheet signs containing advertisements in Ivory Coast’s two retail parks, Cosmos Yopougon and Cap Sud, and is set to working on installing more in Armenia and Algeria.

Trueform’s advertisement displays include CCTV cameras and digital signage analytics that measure audience engagement. Additionally, the “Fusion” smart technology is utilized, where the machinery features remote monitoring, repair, and diagnostic capabilities. The digital screens are installed in strong-featured and weather-proof displays that are able to provide the best visibility in every possible lighting condition (even direct sunlight).

The CEO of Trueform Digital, Jonathan Morley, had stated that their company is happy to be partnered with Pikasso, and providing them with their high quality digital out-of-home display technology that broadcast their capabilities within the industry.