Uber Freight Is Moving Into Canada

Uber is known for its ride-sharing service, available in a lot of countries across the world. Recently, the company’s also been working on its delivery services; Uber Freight. Before the end of October 2019, the company made an announcement that Canadian trucking companies took notice of.

Uber Freight recently expanded into Europe, with operations in Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, making their move into Canada their first expansion in North America.

Uber explained that Canada’s trucking industry is valued at about US$68bn, with the country being the second-largest goods trading partner of the US, with 2018 seeing a total value of goods trade amounting to $617.2bn. They also note that Canada is dealing with a severe driver shortage issue that is still escalating, which means that the trucking industry there isn’t able to handle as much freight as it could.

Head of Uber Freight Lior Ron says that Uber is a global company, with global scope, and the freight industry is no different. He says that they’ve been working to scale up their operations in order to allow Uber Freight and the companies that work with it, which recently added Canadian trucking companies, to keep delivering goods across the world.

He adds that Uber is excited to be expanding into Canada, the US’s neighbor and a key trade partner, which they believe will allow for the full potential of the North American trucking market to flourish.

Since their recent entry into the Canadian market, the company is allowing for domestic freight deliveries in Ontario and Quebec, as well the across the border to Northeastern and Midwestern United States, with plans already set by Uber to expand across Canada. Local carriers and their drivers operating in the US and Canada can book and move domestic and interborder loads with Uber Freight’s app, available in English, as well as French.

Uber’s recent expansion in the Canadian market comes hot at the heels of their partnership with SAP and MercuryGate, both global cloud service providers. In 2019 alone, Uber Freight managed to expand to provide for 1,000 shipping companies, as well as other Fortune 500 companies, with offices in Chicago, San Francisco and Amsterdam.