Ushering In The New Trends In Business Technology

Companies invest trillions of dollars on new technology every year and it seems that they will spend more for 2015. Last year was a big year for big data and this is expected to continue to 2015 and beyond. Companies have to analyze overwhelming amounts of data from new sources through tiny sensors and website visits. Companies that include Cloudera, DataStax and DataGravity went through massive funding while Hortonworks which is the provider for Hadoop including the analytics firm New Relic have all gone public.

New trends in business technology for 2015

AWS faces challenges from Google and Microsoft

Amazon’s web hosting service through Amazon Web Services is the fastest growing sector of the company. While it will continue on being a big player, it has to face the challenge from Google and Microsoft; Google with its developer ecosystem and Microsoft with its Azure. Amazon Web Services will reduce its dominance because of the alternatives that focus on “specific use case” or “company emerge.”

Cyber attacks are just starting

2014 has experienced a lot of cyber attacks and it is expected that there will be more organized and sophisticated attacks in cyberspace. It is expected that there will be fast growth among security startups with their simple security systems for SMBs in the form of scans, pen tests, fraud checks and cyber intel. More and more companies will shift from the PC to mobile devices that are more contained and more restrictive. In fact, mobile is a safer platform if compared to desktop operating systems.

Docker will continue to lead in app development

Docker made headlines in 2014 as a new app development technology and it will continue to lord it over all other tech companies. Every giant in technology is lining up to partner with Docker and this includes Google, Microsoft, IBM and VMware. Container technology will continue to help app developers in building apps that are faster and less likely to crash. Container technology and its adoption are expected to grow immensely and will get deployed in production by major enterprises. The overwhelming popularity of Docker is one of the true stories of 2014 and with its momentum will be a huge collection of startups that will be betting on its rise.