Vietnam’s Drunk Driving Law drives Beer Sales down

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A series of fatal accidents involving drunk drivers has led to Vietnam’s new get-tough-on-drunk-driving law; however, it has affected the beer market. Beer sales in the country have dropped by about 25% since the stricter penalties on drunk driving took effect. According to Vietnamese Beer Alcohol Beverage Association, their members are complaining about low beer sales.

Beer companies consider the penalties for drunk driving as too harsh. Under the new laws, drivers of motorbikes face fines of about 8 million dong ($345) and possible suspension of the driver’s license for 2 years. Drivers of cars and trucks under influence may face penalty of as much as 40 million dong and license suspension.

The law also requires alcohol advertisements to include health warnings. Stores must post signs that alcohol sale is banned to those younger than 18. According to health officials, increase in alcohol consumption has caused public health problems. WHO estimates 79,000 deaths annually due to alcohol consumption.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol is associated to doing business in Vietnam, watching sports and celebrating holidays. The growing middle class and young population have spurred the growth of beer consumption. In order to address the drop in beer sales, restaurants that serve beer offer free or discounted motorbike or taxi rides to their customers so that they can safely go home.

People can also expect the police to seriously consider the crackdown on drunk driving to improve the image of Vietnam. Many beer drinkers have purchased alcohol detox pills online to avoid paying fines.

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