VR In Team Building Becoming More Popular

Technological developments are made in order to achieve things once thought impossible, or make what we already know and do simpler and easier. Recently, virtual reality tech has become more and more popular, and some businesses in Europe have begun to integrate the technology to improve team building activities for their operations.

One such company is an event provider based in Fife, Team Challenge Company, which recently began using virtual reality headsets as part of their offerings for digitally-led team building experience. The experiences offered include rescue simulation, role playing, as well as virtual reality video games. The business and its offering utilize specially designed iterations, made specifically for team building and development purposes.

The product is the first of its kind designed specifically for use in team building activities and other team development aspects. It was unveiled late 2018 by the largest network of team building providers, partner group Catalyst Global, and it utilizes advanced gaming software to operate and deliver its VR experience.

Team Challenge Co-Director, Gerard Crowley, says that it’s already been a fair amount of time since the corporate events industry saw tech driven products becoming available, but a product possessing this level of sophistication hasn’t been utilized for team development activities, until they came along.

Technology is becoming increasingly embedded into all aspects of daily life, which has fuelled an ever-growing appetite for digitally-led team building experiences.

While traditional team building activities have proven themselves effective in generating desirable results, Crowley says, the responsibilities and needs of modern day business teams are shifting; the modern age, while requiring traditional skills like problem solving and lean management skills, it also demands employees be able to meet deadlines under pressure and be effective at debriefing complex issues remotely.

He says that their product, the Infinite Loop, which was created by experts and professionals in the team building industry with a focus on team development, and it could, potentially, change how such events are handled and delivered.

Earlier in January, the company demonstrated their new VR technology to some of the staff of Exxon Mobil as part of that company’s team building exercise.

Team Challenge Company is among thebiggest corporate events providers in the UK, and currently possesses exclusive rights for the sale and distribution of Catalyst Global products in the English market as well as Scotland.