Wet Tyre From Pirelli Will Not Be Launched Without Approval

Formula 1 will soon be expecting a new wet tyre developed by brand Pirelli but they may have to convince the FIA to launch the tyre in the coming season as it will not be given an approval before the start of the grand prix. Everyone is expected by this new development including those suppliers of tyres on the Gold Coast as this is another step towards making innovative tyres.

Pirelli is known as the tyre supplier of Formula 1 and this year the company was able to conduct two wet tests. The first one is the Red Bull where it participated in Paul Ricard in June while the second happened the following month with McLaren riding out the Magny-Cours.

According to the existing rule, the official tyre supplier will not be able to make any changes with their products once the season has already started. Pirelli is positive though that they will be able to ask approval from the FIA for them to be able to use their new wet tyre which will be launched on the same year.

According to the head of the Pirelli Formula 1, Mario Isola, it is rule that all 2018 tyre should be given an approval until the first of December. He is hoping that the FIA will be giving them an exception to delay their launching as long as the latest product is an improved version.

He said that they are on the process of making new wet tyre and they have already conducted a number of tests this 2017. They are still making improvements before they replace their existing tyre. He added that their testings are more like conducting simulations to tests the tyre further.

He also said that if their current wet weather tyre turns out to be better then he will ask the race director of Formula 1, Charlie Whiting, if they can consider changing their old one. He believes that the matter of safety should be prioritized since all teams have issues when it comes to wet conditions. As for the meantime, consumers can purchase already released tyres on the Gold Coast as this new tyre might not be available in the market for a while.