What Cuisines Are Included In A Japanese Buffet In Bangkok

While in Thailand, you can enjoy a variety of Japanese buffet in Bangkok with the most interesting and delicious dishes. The buffet meal includes tempura, sashimi, sushi and tako-yaki. Japanese cuisines has evolved over time through political and social changes. Japanese cuisines were known to be around long before 1868, where it marked the end of the Japanese isolationist policies. Japanese cuisines emphasise on quality ingredients, immaculate presentation, and specific seasonality.

The famous tempura consists of seafood or vegetables with light batter and then fried. The people of Portugal were the first to introduce tempura to Japan. Today, it’s very popular in Japan and best-known for exports. There are restaurants in Japan and Thailand that serve tempura at the lowest prices. They usually come in a lunch box or set meal. One can even take it out for meals outside the restaurant.  A high-quality tempura can even be served in a Japanese buffet in Bangkok, which diners will surely love. It has a superb taste that’s why Japanese and Thai people enjoy it.

Another Japanese food served in the buffet meal is the tako-yaki, which is fried or grilled octopus in batter, green onion, pickled ginger and tempura scraps. It is topped with mayonnaise, ponzu, green laver, fish shavings and okonomiyaki sauce. The famous dish was first sold in 1935 by its innovator and became popular in Osaka. The delicious cuisine is now included in a Japanese buffet in Bangkok for options.

Sushi is a rice dish cooked in vinegar topped with seafood and formed into rolls. When the raw fish is sliced and served alone, they call it sashimi. When the sushi is inside a seaweed or rolled around, it is known as makizushi. There’s also rice packed with fried tofu pouch known as inarizushi, however, it’s not a real type of sushi. For Japanese travelling abroad, they say that the quality of sushi served in some Japanese restaurants are not really on its quality standards.

Japanese people are serious about the food they serve, that’s why Michelin has rewarded and recognised some Japanese buffet in Bangkok and other parts of the world.