What It’s Like From A Hotel Near Central Embassy

Bangkok is the capital, biggest city and cultural centre of Thailand and major city in Southeast Asia. It is situated on the Chao Phraya River, just near the Gulf of Thailand. It is also called the “City of Angels”, a name formed bythe first Chakri king Rama I to call his new capital. The Chakri dynasty is Thailand’s royal family. Bangkok is famous for its magnificent Buddhist temples, which rise on the skyline amidst modern skyscrapers. The capital is populated with approximately 6 million people. If you really want to see Bangkok, have yourself booked in a hotel near Central Embassy, where you can enjoy shopping.

The City

Bangkok is an interesting place to reside or visit. As the city grew, it’snow filled with lots of centres that locals and tourists can enjoy. The oldest part of the city is the walled Grand Palace where the famous temple of the Emerald Buddha is found. Across the river is another landmark known as the Temple of Dawn.

Near the Grand Palace are huge government buildings, museums, theatres and Thammasat and Silpakorn universities. To the north is the castle where the current king resides. To the south, you’ll find Thai merchants and craftsmen of Chinese ancestry owning smaller shops.

Present-day Bangkok

The modern day construction led to the Western-style office structures, hotels, apartment houses and shopping centres, which have displaced the older buildings of Bangkok. The glistening temples still provide the city an exotic East Asian atmosphere. Among the renowned temples in Bangkok aside from the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, are Wat Rajabopitr, Wat Trimitr, Wat Po, Wat Benchamabopitr and Wat Arun.

If you’re staying in a hotel near Central Embassy, you can start shopping for souvenirs to take home and things that you need to make your visit here more comfortable and relaxing. Shopping centres and other establishments are found side by side and are designed with traditional Thai architectures.  They are practically everywhere to suit your needs. The roads are broad and tree-lined; while others are winding lanes, narrow and crowded. You see boats of all descriptions along the river and canals.