What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Car

Buying a car for the first time can be an exciting experience and it could also be confusing if you are not prepared. You might have researched all about the features you want, the mileage and the price range but nothing prepared you for the most important things. Before paying for the purchase, the salesman will ask you if you want to avail of the warranty. This is when you go blank because you thought all you need to known is car service on the Gold Coast but you missed the importance of warranty.

Before saying yes, there are things to consider according to the manager of AAA, David Bennett. He said that there are two kinds of warranty available – named component and exclusionary. Name component coverage will pay for components that have been included in the policy’s list. That’s not all because these parts are actually categorized into different levels. The second type is exclusionary and it is a policy that includes most parts of the vehicle except for the ones that are specifically listed as not included.

Some people think that available service contracts and warranties guarantee peace of mind but this is not so most of the time. There are warranties that come as inclusions upon buying the car and there are optional warranties which you can pay for or not. The most common warranties are bumper to bumper, corrosion, power train and vehicle service contracts.

Bennet said that the advantage of these types of contracts is that the owner does not have to worry about paying repair bills in case of accidents. The biggest disadvantage is that you may not be able to use it at all despite paying for it.

Before availing of an extended warranty, ask yourself whether you are going to use the vehicle for a long time. If the answer is no then it is pointless to pay for added warranty coverage. It is also important to consider your risk tolerance because you might get unexpected car service on the Gold Coast and would have to pay with your own cash if you are covered by any form of warranty.