When You Need Family Lawyers In Melbourne

Family lawyers in Melbourne emphasise those areas of law that affect family matters. In a relationship breakdown, the parties affected are both the couple and their children. It can be emotionally and financially draining, and therefore, will need a lawyer’s assistance in times of financial and familial disputes.

Legal Matters Concerning Family Law

A family law counsellor can mediate between the family members the succeeding familial issues:

  • Cohabitation: For couples living together with no religious or legal approval can create many legal implications. In this case, family lawyers in Melbourne can advise their clients on their rights and recommend a course of action just in case the relationship of the couple doesn’t work out.


  • Civil Partnerships: This refers to same sex couples who consider themselves civil partners. A legal counsellor can advise them on their legal rights especially if they choose to live together or should the relationship break down.


  • Pre-nuptial agreements: This agreement is after the financial wellbeing of one or both partners bonded by marriage. The counsellor can advise when the marriage is eligible for this agreement.


  • Divorce or separation: This situation will definitely need a family solicitor as he can legally settle disputes between the couple and strongly suggest separation or divorce.


  • Maintenance of spouse and children: After the marital bond, the family counsellor will advise on how the children are maintained and who gets the custody.

Services Offered by Family Law Counsellors

The family lawyers in Melbourne will include services like property settlement, financial agreements, injunction and personal protection orders, and court representations.

Choosing the Best Family Law Solicitors

If you want to get the best solicitor for your needs, choose lawyers in Melbourne that have extensive years of experience and the litigating skills regarding your case. You also need to hire a counsellor than can remain objective and maintain neutral sides. More proficient and reputable lawyers provide higher fees for their services. However, you are assured that you are provided with a favourable outcome of your case. You can check the Internet for possible lawyers in this area. Verify their portfolio and read testimonials about their services.