Wood As A Sustainable Fuel Source For Windham County Boilers

If a household has a heating system that runs on oil and the boiler has not yet reached the end of its usable life, does it make sense to change the system? In recent years, the price of oil was relatively low making it difficult to justify the installation of a new boiler system. However, the prices of oil are volatile and may go up anytime soon. Will households grab the opportunity to have advanced wood chip and pellet boilers that are more economically feasible and environmentally friendly?

An analysis on the fuel supply of Windham County in Vermont, found out that the state has the highest net available supply of low-grade wood at roughly 78% forested. When nuclear power plant Vermont Yankee reached a settlement with Vermont to close in 2014 and begin the decommissioning process, it made sense for the $1.6 million out of $140 million financial assistance to be used for advanced wood projects.

The Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund is earmarked for renewable energy generation and economic development. In response to the state’s requests for proposals on programs that will be center on modern wood heat, Windham Wood Heat Initiative was conceived among local organizations and their partners.

The ultimate goal of the program is to support the economy of local forestry and wood pellets. However, in order to be reasonably implemented, it is important to determine whether the local supply of wood is adequate to support the new projects.

Based on the key findings on wood growth, use and net wood availability in the Windham County and 6 surrounding areas in Vermont, it was revealed that more than 2.2 million acres of timberland are available although 80% is privately owned. Wood can become the feedstock of 3 manufacturing facilities or fuel in the form of semi-dry, refined wood chips for specialized boilers.

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