Work On New Tottenham Stadium Delayed Due To Lack Of Electricians

Capalaba is the second most populous suburb in the Redlands, Queensland, Australia. There is no dearth for jobs for the electrician in Capalaba because of the presence of many businesses and residential areas. It is relatively easy for a household to call an electrician at any time of the day to fix electrical issues in the home.

Meanwhile, the new Tottenham Stadium will not be able to host Liverpool on September 15, Cardiff on October 6 and the matches between the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders. According to the construction firm that is working on the new stadium, opening was delayed because of several issues.

In the statement that was released by the club, critical safety issues are the reason why the home matches between Liverpool and Cardiff have to be moved to Wembly. Most of the problems are related to the emergency service systems particularly alarms. Electricians are being sought for the project so that all the unfinished works can be completed.

Contractors have advertised the job openings on professional recruitment websites. Skilled workers are being offered very lucrative day rates so that the new Tottenham Stadium will be opened at a later day. According to building trade website, Construction Enquirer, the wage bill for the construction team that will be hired for the new stadium has already exceeded what the club pays its playing staff.

More than 3,800 workmen are working round the clock on the site. Their total pay is about £3.8 million a week compared to the £2.4 million a week that is paid to Harry Kane and his colleagues. 600 electricians are already working on the project but the stadium needs more. Qualified electriciansare being offered£30 to £35 per hour with allowances for significant quantities of overtime. Site electricians are needed for urgent cover due to the unforeseen delays. However, they must have full knowledge of fire alarm systems.

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