Young Indian Invents App For Repair Services

An Indian invented an Uber-like app except that, instead of looking for rides, the app looks for electricians and appliance repair technicians.

It started when Harmin Shah moved to Mumbai last year. He noticed that the air-conditioning at his apartment was always busted. He kept on calling for technicians to fix it. Yet, the local repairmen of Mumbai did not have the skills equipped to deal with the growing sophistication of electronics.

Shah, instead, had to undergo a series of calling for the authorized professional help while experiencing annoying dialer tones. After the struggle, he was able to book for help. Yet it did not arrive till three days after his call.

The experience had given Shah the idea of emulating Uber by applying it in the electronic appliances repair industry. He called his app Handyhome, which connects users with authorized service repair centers of the appliances’ brand. The app helps save people from the incompetency of faster yet unskilled local repairmen and from the inefficiency of brand-authorized service call centers.

So whenever an appliance fails to function on the days you need it most, Handyhome is there to help. Just select the appliance brand, the type of appliance you have, and fill up personal details. After which, it is up to you to schedule the service at the most convenient time.

Harmin says that finding repairmen by asking neighbors, using the phone book, or even googling is a thing of the past and is a hassle. Handyphone simply allows you to get connected to repairmen by just a tap on the phone.

Handyhome, despite only launching January of this year, is already processing more than 100 requests daily. To start off, they first had to get acquainted with the executives of service centers and retailers to widen their market. These retailers advertise the app by asking their customers to use it for easy booking service. According to Shah, retailers help them mainly for customer loyalty.

The app ties up with brands at a central level and it is available in anywhere in India even in the most rural areas. Shah says that Handyhome will spread out their teams in ten cities the following months to widen user adoption and retail store tie-ups.