Why Young People No Longer Have Passion For Diving

The DEMA show and annual convention in Vegas was held from the 16th to the 19th of November so that dive professionals can meet their counterparts from other places around the world. The show is also being used by the dive industry as a platform to display new products. In addition to the product exhibits, guests can attend seminars covering a broad range of topics.

The impact of new technology on the diving industry

The face of scuba diving has literally changed because the age of scuba divers is getting older. People are no longer afraid of old age and retirement because there are activities where they can be involved in like diving. Some retirees have considered diving during their younger years but failed to do so. They are doing it now and becoming certified. Retirees have the time and money to enjoy the sport. It is no longer surprising to find an 80-year old diver and still celebrating a full life.

On the other hand, the number of young divers is getting fewer every year. Those picking up diving gadgets and looking at diving gear are usually in their 40’s or 60’s.Where are the young people and why are they no longer attracted to diving? The internet and social media are claiming the attention of young people. It seems like the younger generation have become less active and have lost their enthusiasm for life.

Young divers are no longer dedicated to diving. Thousands of divers are getting certified in Thailand alone every year but when they return home, they no longer continue with the sport. Years ago, when people started diving they have a strong passion for the sport but now it seems less thrilling for the young. When a major cell phone manufacturer advertised free scuba dive, those who came said they loved the virtual dive using VR device but they do not want to experience the real dive.

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