Aussie Digital Ad Industry Recovering

Good news for Aussies in the digital ad industry, the people most invested in King Kong online agency reviews and the like, as the industry is slowly recovering as of the third quarter of 2020, reports the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The amount of total spending for the digital ad industry in Australia in the three months to September 2020 totalled to $2.26bn. The IAB noted that this is still a bit of a drop from 2019, which saw a total of $2.377bn at the same time.

The IAB Australia’s Online Advertising Expenditure Report showed that all digital advertising categories grew in Q3 following a rough first half of 2020 when most brands either paused or pulled back their digital ad expenditures due to the COVID pandemic.

The IAB, the AU’s leading online ad industry group, states that confidence in the country’s digital ad industry came back due to the 11.3% growth experienced from Q2 2020.

IAB CEO Gai Le Roy says that everyone in the industry, including the people most involved in King Kong online agency reviews, saw how challenging 2020 has been, but the growth in Q3 in terms of digital ads is a good sign of a recovery.

Data from the organization shows that Aussie brands spent at least $1bn on search and directories, accounting for 45% of the total. The general display followed, with an $871mn total, accounting for 38% of the total.

General display expenditure actually saw a bit of growth in Q3 2020 compared to Q2 2020, but search and directories expenditure dropped in that same time by 6.9%.