Businesses In Virginia Prepare For Phase 3 Reopening

One thing that is common in map illustrations is playfulness. The maps reflect great pride in the community and the typical optimism among people. You will find examples of map illustrations on this page that was inspired by Richmond Virginia skyline. The map illustration is drawn in black ink and digitally coloured.

Virginia is now moving to Phase 3 reopening from the coronavirus lockdown. Retail stores and restaurants will have increased capacities but social distancing of at least 6 feet will still be required. For Craig Smith, co-owner of Twin Aces Hardware in Fairfax, Virginia, business is as usual. Since hardware stores were classified as essential business, they have remained open during the lockdown.

However, many things have changed inside the hardware store. Smith said that they have to be very careful with social distancing. They had to wear masks and gloves. They had to use physical barriers like plexiglass around the store.

During the 2nd phase of reopening, hardware stores, restaurants and retail stores had to limit their capacity by 50%. With the increase to full capacity in the 3rd phase, social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained.

Residents are reminded that staying at home is better. Work from home is recommended by the state of Virginia to limit coronavirus inspections. An example is Capital One with 49,000 employees. Operations continue but most of the staff are working remotely.

According to Smith, the pandemic has also resulted in several shortages of plexiglass and items used in outdoor activities. There is a shortage in grills and patio furniture including gardening tools. Demand for these items has never been this high.

Smith and other business owners must adapt new precautions and enterprises. There won’t be any operational changes. Plexiglass barriers will stay and customers may be asked to wear face masks regularly.

It will take some time for businesses in Virginia to recover. Once everything improves, there will be money for advertisements. Illustrated maps thrived during the Great Depression and Second World War. it makes sense to try map illustrations to give customers something to look forward to. You can see examples of map illustrations on this page.