Expanding Customer Base Through Cross-Border Agreements

Australia has had a long love affair with ecommerce, a market that is expected to reach $43 billion this year and $192 billion in the next 10 years. The growth will be supported by pandemic-induced themes that will create new and changed markets so that businesses can expand their customer base and encourage customers to consistently shop online. Cross-border trade agreements are expected to ramp up the global economy once it re-opens. 

Both large and small businesses have successfully entered the international market. Companies have opportunities to deliver products and services to new audiences. The technique is to find the right customers and tailor the advertising languages according to their location and preferences. This has helped companies target consumers in new countries like Mexico, Ireland, and the Netherlands. 

Advertising through Facebook allows companies to advertise to other countries easily. The language optimization tool could translate ads to the default language in the consumer’s phone. Facebook is a game-changer when it comes to the acquisition of new customers in a highly affordable and scalable manner. 

The motivation for consumers to purchase products from foreign countries is driven by the availability of the products locally and their prices compared to local markets. The proliferation of global online platforms, social media, and ecommerce allows businesses to explore cross-border opportunities. 

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