Google Study Shows Indian Brands Doing Well With Digital Marketing

In the age of the internet, digital marketing is imperative to success. Very few businesses can operate today without an online presence, and that’s why King Kong SEO reviews and the like are more important than ever.

Google decided to look at several brands operating across the world, released via their Google Think Platforms. The study was done with help from Boston Consulting Group, and looked at how countries across the world are doing in terms of digital marketing maturity; how they communicate, how active they are online, and other factors.

180 brands from ten industries, across several regions, like Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and India, measured against four key stages.

Nascent is the first key stage, referring to external data and direct purchases with limited links to sales. Emerging, the second key stage refers to companies who have some owned data in their digital marketing efforts, with optimization and testing for a single channel.

Connected and multi-moment are the most mature key stages, with the former referring to the use of integrated data, activated across different digital channels, with clear links to sales proxies and ROIs, while the latter refers to companies with optimized dynamic execution across different channels throughout their interaction with the customer.

Of note are the Indian brands that were surveyed for 2019, where only 8% were operating in their nascent stages. 80% of the country’s brands sat in either emerging, or connected digital maturity levels, while 6% were noted to have multi-moment experiences, which the study notes as exceptional, and the highest figure for the region.

Google APAC Head of Partnerships, Publishers and Platforms Marketing Matt Brocklehurst stated that it’s quite heartening to see that India has embraced digital marketing, ahead of a lot of other brands across APAC, Latin America, and even Europe.

He notes that the study found that India saw the top quartile of brands in terms of maturity, with an average of 7% annual revenue increment growth, and 13% annual cost efficiency.

The Google/BGC study also noted how first-party data is seen by brands, and notes that 92% of the Indian brands say that first-party data is important to ensuring King Kong SEO reviews and other marketing efforts.